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Many years ago I realized that without physical contact with a responsive human target defense training would always fall short of the effective levels it could become for each individual. In the privacy of my schools we tried every piece of equipment on the market, some worked well while most did not. Over time I came to design equipment (See Gorget) that worked specifically for the way my students trained in the 360X DEFENSE Method. Now, through our company Rhino Tactical Technology we are bringing the tactical training gear we need in our pursuit of peak performance in 360X DEFENSE to those who need to train for that same peak performance.

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about the 360X DEFENSE method

360X DM is Designed For Function, Not Fiction.

Innovative, Multicultural, Scientific and Individualistic are the basis of an American martial art as the evolution revolution of martial arts is taking place in the world today. 360X DEFENSE is context focused on Survival of Violent Criminal Assault for the warrior citizen wanting personal protection or to be the bodyguard to one's family. Self-Defense is the first aid to violence as medical first aid is in a medical emergency. With our protective gear and tactical vest you can train to achieve high level of tactical performance.

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Self-Defense Is Not Solely About Learning To Fight

Most commercial martial arts today are about, "Fighters teaching other fighters how to fight other fighters." The training environment is a  heavy testosterone filled room with some women participating because it is the only solution offered. The media, movies, television and the martial art world supports this apparently logical albeit defective solution. Learning how to fight other fighters, is not the solution to surviving violence and criminal assault viewed in the news or through reality television documentaries. Violent crime such as, assault and battery, home invasion, carjacking, rape and murder require specific contextual strategy and physical intervention which  accurately interfaces with the crime being perpetrated.

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The Study of Criminology

If you want a solution you need to understand the problem. 360X DEFENSE first studied the problem of violence from four areas of criminal violence. First, what are the legal definitions of a crime Vs. ego based mutually culpable and preventable fights? Second, what are the behaviors of criminals; their setups, attacks, psychology driving the intensity and the methods used in attack? Third, what are the statistics which might help one determine the best course of action. There are responses "When physical engagement is not the best choice" and responses "when physical engagement is the only choice." Fourth, the study of actual crime cases when actions someone took to survive failed and actions that someone took succeeded in their survival. With this knowledge I began the construction of 360X DEFENSE.

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